You, Me & COVID-19

Today, March 12th, the Irish Government announced new public guidelines in order to delay the spread of COVID-19


These public health guidelines are:

  • Schools, colleges, childcare facilities, and other public facilities to close from 6pm today until Sunday, March 29th, 2020
  • Indoor gatherings of 100 should be cancelled
  • Outdoor gatherings of 500 should be cancelled
  • Public transport operating as normal
  • Shops, cafes and restaurants stay open
  • People asked to work from home if at all possible

It is important to note that the recommendation for indoor and outdoor gatherings do not apply to workplaces.

In line with these guidelines and to protect our staff and our colleagues, Marmalade Films is limiting face-to-face interactions and everybody in our office will be working from home until further notice.


How will this affect you, our partners and clients?

Hopefully not at all. If we had a shoot scheduled between now and March 29th then we’ve already been in contact with you to discuss other arrangements. For filming due to take place after March 29th, we anticipate that the situation and need for restrictions on physical contact will probably get worse before it gets better. We’ll continue to stay in contact and update plans as needed.

Everyone in Marmalade will still be answering emails and calls so if you have business with Marmalade or anyone in our office, please first attempt to do that business remotely by email, phone, skype, zoom, etc. We’re all reachable from 9am-6pm on the usual office phone number  +353 1 416 3352 or our respective mobile phone numbers.

We still want to see and talk to you but to do our bit to protect everyone in the community we won’t be facilitating meetings in person.


Stay safe and let’s look after one another,

The Marmalade Production Team