Harvest Time at Marmalade – Bia Duchais Rolls Into Production

6 Staples | 24 Recipes | 1,000 Years of Culinary History

Bia Duchais our six-part ‘Cookumentary’ rolled into production this summer. The series choosing six of our best-loved staples; Pork, Salmon, the Potato, Grains, Cheese and Honey, will trace how these foods have run the gauntlet for over a thousand years to remain staples in our kitchen cupboard up until this day showing that the very same flavours that sat on the taste buds of our ancestors are still an active, real part of our lives.

Bia Duchais is a Cookumentary; a completely original, visually arresting style of programme combining a primarily actuality documentary approach with the demonstration and explanation elements of cookery programming along with stylish animation to bring our Irish culinary heritage to life on screen.

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