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In their sixties, seven unlikely sages have decided to learn how to swim. Taking themselves out of their comfort zone, they reveal what it is that drives them. The juxtaposition of straight talking poolside anecdotes with visually arresting, underwater imagery transforms casual observations on growing old into a profound exploration of wisdom and what it means to grow, to change and to keep striving for more. The experiences and observations of each woman are fused together to reveal the commonality of what it is to be an ordinary woman moving through the phases of life.

Learning to swim is often perceived as a small victory but for these women it is much more than that, it is freedom.

Waterlilies had it’s International Premiere at the Guth Gafa International Documentary Film Festival has also been selected for the Dingle International Film Festival.

Waterlilies is the grateful recipient of support from Dublin City Council.

Sales Agent: SND Films, Amsterdam